Aranddas Iraq Family

Al-Karam Organization for Human Development

Development, Tolerance, Building

We are a non for profit organizational institution providing the necessary means of development in all its aspects with the best criteria that will contribute in preparing a modern and civilized Iraqi society.

How we do it

1. Training Programs

2. Workshops

3. Conferences, symposiums, and open meetings

4. Poetic debates and artistic and literary evenings

5. Publications

6. Social Awareness Campaigns

7. Field visits and direct implementation

8. Documentaries and media production

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We believe in human development and building human capabilities as the basis for development of our nation.



Empowering women to take active roles in society and to gain their social and economic rights within the framework of a modern civil society.


Enhancing cooperation among the different segments of society according to the principle of human rights to achieve social development.


Developing the creative and innovative potential of the young talents to help them to develop positively to be the agents of social change of their country.


Eliminating unemployment by offering job opportunities for the unemployed on the individual project level or the long term large projects.


Training and preparing tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers through various training programs.


Building youth capacities across different industries to take leading roles in society.


Developing the capabilities of the educational institutions.

Our Programs

Community Programs

Human Development Programs

Cultural Campaigns